Invest in a high-quality water softener today

Hard water occurs when your water has too high of a mineral content. This can include deposits of limestone, chalk or gypsum. If the water in your home is too hard, it can make it difficult to wash clothing, dishes and even your skin. Install a water softener to correct your hard water problems. Water City Inc. is proud to perform premium water softener installation.

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Recognize the signs that you have hard water

You may have been dealing with the effects of hard water for quite some time without even realizing it. With over 50 years of experience, the crew at Water City Inc. can help you spot the telltale signs. You may have hard water in your home if you notice:

  • Stains in your tubs or showers
  • Scale buildup in your showerheads or faucets
  • Higher utility bills
  • Gray or faded laundry
  • Persistent dry skin and hair

These signs indicate you need to contact the professionals at Water City Inc. Our class-three water quality specialists can perform your water softener installation in no time.

Set up your water softener installation with us as soon as possible.