Water Softeners

San Antonio's water is hard! Let us help you keep your glassware spotless and your laundry soft with one of our premium softeners.

Reverse Osmosis

Take water purification to the next level! Weather you have a high demand for your business or just a few gallons for your home. Our equipment is up to the task.

Water Delivery

Have an office cooler?Let us provide you with regular delivery of our crisp, delicious water! We will deliver to all homes and businesses within our delivery area.

Commercial and Industrial Solutions

Our services are expansive beyond basic Water Softener and Reverse Osmosis installations. We provide regular maintenance and service to your existing equipment even if you did not purchase it from us. Facilities with operations that are sensitive to the quality of their water can count on us to keep them functioning with minimal downtime. Inquire about solutions for your business or facility.

Water issues at home?

If you are experiencing a reduction in water pressure and own a water softener, then your resin needs to be replaced. Water City Inc. offers affordable Re-beds for your residential unit.

Do you need a filter replacement for your under-sink RO? Contact us to schedule a visit to swap your old filters with new ones!